Classes of Flights.



Business Class deals aren't what they used to be. That's right, at Global Link Travel Inc, they're the best they've ever been! Our unbeatable Business Class flights not only put you in the lap of luxury, they're some of the most competitive in the industry. While cheap Business Class tickets may seem counterintuitive, they're not unheard of. Our standing in the industry and access to contracted rates provides us with exclusive Business Class discounts, often resulting in pricing comparable to Premium Economy fares.



Economy Class cabin classes have become more comfortable than ever, thanks to a competitive airline industry seeking to prioritize customer well-being. Nowadays you'll usually find ergonomic seating, complimentary beverages, snacks and chef-created meals with customized dietary options. Entertainment is usually individual seat-back screens, offering something for everyone, like current movies, TV shows and even games.


Domestic economy is a cost-effective way to travel. This cabin class especially makes sense for short-haul flights where offerings like meals are optional, rather than included, keeping airfares to a minimum. Low-cost carriers usually provide complimentary beverages and snacks, but you may purchase menu food items and alcoholic drinks. Though basics and budget are the hallmarks of this class, benefits still include personal entertainment and standard baggage allowances.


The provisions of an International Economy ticket depends on the airline, type of aircraft and length of flight. Meals and entertainment are normally included, while travel packs with pillow, compact toothbrush and toothpaste, socks and eye mask are found on certain airlines. A good benchmark on inclusions is the more expensive the airline, the more inclusions its Economy Class will offer. We'll work tirelessly online or in person to find you Economy Class airfares at the lowest price around. Begin by calling us anytime at +14162742689


Upgrade your travel experience and leave Economy Class behind. Premium Economy airfares deliver more comfort, convenience and flexibility with larger seats, extra legroom, priority check-in, boarding and baggage handling, upgraded meal and drink service and much more. If you're looking for cheap premium flights, look no further than Global Link Travel Inc.


Premium Economy flights to Europe are possibly the most popular Premium Economy routes from North America. Cities like London, Paris and Frankfurt are all famous international hubs, connecting onward passengers to Asia, Africa and the Middle East and to all smaller European cities. Enjoy the perks of your upgrade on overnight flights to Europe, where you want them the most. Savour succulent premium meals and choice of beer, wine and spirits from the bar as you immerse yourself in hours of on-demand seat-back entertainment. Premium Economy cabins offer both a wider seat as well as a greater recline for a better sleep. Arrive alive and refreshed with the benefits of Premium Economy.


As Premium Economy Class is a separate class of service from Economy Class, expect its own cabin on most aircraft types, and with that, about 5-7 inches more legroom, 1-2 extra inches of seat width and 2-3 extra inches of recline for a more comfortable flying experience. Hundreds of hours of personal, seat-back, touch-screen entertainment on larger screens than in Economy Class with a USB port, a power socket, single pin audio jack and reading lamp at every seat. Premium meals are accompanied by more choice from the bar, including a selection of wines, beer and spirits. Travelling with luggage? Most Economy Class tickets now charge to check a bag while Premium Economy guests often get up to two bags free (varies by airline). Have you got a specific question regarding Premium Economy service? Refer to your airline's website.



As Airfare Experts, we hold our First Class flights in high regard. We understand that in addition to a First Class flight deal, you need world-class service to match, and we deliver on both. About First Class Those who prefer to fly First Class often claim that one can't put a price on luxury and comfort. They are willing to spend extra because of the worthwhile inclusions and benefits that outnumber Business Class. As a First Class passenger, you are treated to the upmost in comfort and care. We know First Class airplane cabins inside and out, and will suggest the latest and best equipment to give you the best First Class experience and stretch your dollar further.